About Me

Hi, my name is Karolina . I'm an artist from Poland born in ‘95. I’m mainly focused on polymer clay sculpting of fauna and flora, making jewelry and ceramics. I developed my style over the years of hard work and I translate it into various art I make.

I do everything from scratch at my home studio in Poland. Drawing ideas, sculpting, painting, taking photos and trying to stay in touch with my fans that I truly love 😊I create all my pieces with enormous care and love and I would be delighted if I’ve got to share my journey with you.

I take inspiration from my childhood for the most part. That’s when my obsession with prehistoric creatures, animals and nature overall has begun. That fascination is what drives my imagination, and gives me ideas for new projects.

Traveling and nature are the things that I truly love and I aim for a possibility to travel more and more. Thanks to my own brand I can see more of the world and get  inspiration for my art. I love life and I'm trying to live it to the fullest.


Meaning of Vallavica


Vallavica is an Indian name for worship of sun god Canto. Thanks to the sun our world exists and every day is wonderful when the sun is shining. To me, this word represents joy, peace, freedom and adventure.


This is my personal brand and I'm doing all things by myself, so please be patient. I'm always trying to reply as soon as i can, if I'm not responding more than a week please send me a reminder.


For any questions or custom orders send me message here: