About Me

Hi, my name is Karolina. I'm from Poland. The world that inspires me I transform into little masterpieces.
I do everything by hand at my home in Poland. 
I create all my artworks with enormous care and love. Hopefully, I can pass it to you.
Traveling and adventures are the things that I truly love and I aim for a possibility to travel more. Thanks to my own brand I can compare my travel inspirations with work and art. I love life and I'm trying to get the most out of it and giving a lot as well.  
VallaVica sun
 Meaning of VallaVica


VallaVica is Indian name for worship of sun canto. Thanks to sun our world exists and every day is wonderful when the sun is shining. This name means for me joy, peace, freedom and adventure. Life is a great adventure and I want to show you that you can be inspired by everything and everything can be beautiful in its own unique way.
It's better to admire than being sad.
My artworks are dedicated for people who love life. Not only travelers who value adventures and wildness but also for people who love their home and everyday responsibilities. Freedom can be a long way ahead of us, a landscape seeing from the top of a mountain, an open sea, a cup of coffee in a nice cafe in the city center,
a meeting with friends or time with family at home.
That is why I love art because it allows us to look differently and see more, stay away from troubles of daily life and the virtual world in our computers.
VallaVica Earrings
 In Search of Serenity


Creating small objects makes me calm. Going deeper into details and refining every part is for me a form of meditation. Escape from a speeding world full of stress and impossible requirements. The beginning of creation, searching for inspiration and design, allows me to notice the beauty of the imperfect world.
Because nature is not a perfectly produced thing, beauty consists of inequality, gaps and changes. Hand-made items will let us remember that we are also human and we do not have to be perfect. The beauty comes with the fact that we make mistakes, but we try harder all the time.
I want to remind you, by my hand-made figurines, that no matter how much power you put into your work, you will never be a machine. 
Accept imperfections and try to improve them by maintaining peace of mind - this will make you calm and happy.

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